Amy Boulden

"I am so proud to be a part of the MGP family! I have struggled to find snacks to have on the course that are good for me, taste nice and give me the right boost for 18 holes! I don't know what I would do now without my MGP drink and bar!"

1. When do you usually drink your Max Golf Protein Drink during a round?

I will drink my MGP drink usually around the 6th hole, this is because I am not really that hungry at this point but I know my energy levels are needing a boost!

2. When do you usually eat your Max Golf Protein Bar during a round?

I will eat the MGP bar around the 11th hole, they are my favourite!

3. What is your usual/favourite gym work out?

During a tournament week I don’t really do too much heavy or tiring training. I will use the gym to stretch and have a little warm and cool down before and after my round.

In my time off I love to build up a sweat and go to boxercise classes!

4. How many hours do you usually spend in the gym and how many hours do you spend practicing per week?

On a normal week at home I will see my trainer once a week and go to the gym on my own an additional 2/3 times on top of that (3/4 times a week). I go to the golf club 6 days a week, Monday- Friday I get up early and like to be at the course for 6.30/6.45. I will practice till late morning, go home for some food and then go back to the course later that day for a few more hours. I would say on average I would practice for about 6 hours a day. Sunday is the day I usually like to take off.

5. What is your favourite part of your game to practice?

That would have to be the short game. I think there are so many different ways to play all the shots around the green, you can use different clubs, have different lies etc. It cant really get boring and you can always get better!!

6. What’s your favourite out of the MGP Drink and Bar!?

That would have the be the peanut bars!! I love them! They are so tasty and I like how they fill me up as well.

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