Gary Boyd

"Whether I'm training or on the golf course, Max Golf Protein gives me all I need. Not only are the drinks & bars great tasting, they also helps me to stay focused and maximise my performance level."

1.When do you usually drink your MGP shake?

I normally drink half of my max golf protein drink around the 4th hole and the other half around the 15th hole.

2.When do you normally eat you MGP bar?

I normally eat my max golf protein bar around the 9th hole

3. Favourite work out at the moment?

I am a big fan of HIT training I normally do spinning at least 3 times a week.

4. How long do you spend practicing?

My practise regime varies from what I am working on in my game or wether I am at a tournament so on average around 4 hours a day..

5. What’s your favourite part of your game to practice?

Favourite part of my game to practise is pitching and chipping.

6. Drink or Bar!?

My favourite out of the bar and the drink is the bar.

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