Matt Nixon

"I love that the Max Golf Protein products are healthy, but also taste great. They help me concentrate, keeping me focused on those final few holes."

1. When do you usually drink your MGP shake?

I like to drink my Max golf protein around the turn as it’s I know that it’ll perfectly fuel me in time with the bar for the closing stretch when it really matters the most!


2. When do you usually eat your MGP bar?

So I’ll either eat 1 or 2 bars depending on the time I’m playing and how I’m feeling. If it’s in the afternoon or late morning I’ll eat half a bar around the 5th or the 6th and then the rest on about the 14th/ 15th… if I’m feeling I need more then I’ll eat a full bar at each of them times… but coupled with the drink it gives me the fuel I need for the whole round.


3. What’s your favourite work out?

When I’m at home with my trainer Kev, I like it when we get onto lifting some weights. We do a lot of movement work and I do that when I’m away a bit but it’s good to chuck some weights around in the gym and feel like your making progress.


4.How many hours do you spend in the gym? And practicing?

I spend a lot more time practicing that I do in the gym and probably not enough time in the gym when I’m away but I really do just enjoy playing and practicing golf. Back home I’ll probably go to the gym for an hour and then practice for about 3 hours and then try and play some holes as well.


5. What’s your favourite part of your game to practice?

I’ve always liked practicing my shortgame although I don’t spend as much time as I want to these days. It’s always fun to just go out and throw some balls down around the green and chip and pitch. That’s how I’ve always done it and I don’t think there’s any better way than using your imagination to try and get it up and down out of any situation.


6. MGP Drink or Bar!? (If you had to pick!)

I really like the bar and I probably go through more than I should do!! It’s just a great tasting product and not just for when your on the golf course. We get to some interesting places around the world in a year and they’ve been absolute life savers when you get peckish and there’s nothing around!!

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