Scott Drummond

“MGP products are the ideal solution for golfers who are looking for high quality, healthy drinks & snacks for use before, during and after playing golf....and the bonus is that they taste so good!”

When do you usually drink your Max Golf Protein Drink and eat your Max Golf Protein Bar during a round?

I usually drink my MGP drink on the front 9 and nibble through my MGP bar on the back 9.


What is your usual/favourite gym work out?

My gym work consists mainly of squats and deadlifts to build a strong and dynamic base….and then stretching to keep loose.


How many hours do you usually spend in the gym and how many hours do you spend practicing per week?

My gym sessions are pretty quick these days….probably around 4 hours per week in total and my golf practice is between 25 – 40 hours per week outside of tournament rounds.


What is your favourite part of your game to practice?

My favourite golf practice is the short game, you can never do enough! 


What’s your favourite out of the MGP Drink and Bar!?

That’s a really tough question! If I could only have one it would be the MGP drink. 

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Ambassador Programme for Professional Golfers

Our Max Golf Protein Ambassador Programme is available for professional golfers competing across all tours including the European Tour, Challenge Tour, Europro Tour, Jamega Tour, TP Tour, Ladies Tours, and is also now available for PGA members.Pro’s joining the programme are eligible for large discounts on our products as well as specially designed Pro-Packs, which are the ideal size to take on tour, and provides professionals with the correct on course nutrition for their demanding tour schedules.

On top of special rates and discounts on the products we offer quick delivery across the UK, delivery options across Europe (including delivery to the golf club of an event), special promotions, and social media support from the MGP team.

If you meet the criteria and would like to join the ambassador programme please…