Stacey Keating - Max Golf Protein Ambassador

Stacey Keating

"I love Max Golf Protein. On top of the great taste the products are good for you! I feel it gives me the energy I need to last 18 holes - filling me up"


Aussie Stacey has had a brilliant start to 2016 with a win at the Brisbane Invitational just last week! We know she’s awesome on the golf course, and a fitness finatic too, but we wanted to know a little more…

MGP: What is you favourite golf course in the UK?

SK: St Andrews- without question- just love the place, the history, and there is no other place in the world like it!

MGP: What is your favourite golf course anywhere in the world?

SK: Medinah in Chicago…

MGP: Who was your favourite golfer growing up?

SK: ANNIKA & Karrie Webb.

MGP: How often do you go to the gym?

SK: When I’m off weeks 5/6 days a week, less during tournaments…

MGP: What’s your favorite work out?

SK: Strength… I like pushing myself.

MGP: What is your winning breakfast on a tournament day?

SK: Muesli, greek yogurt, and fruit, with a cup of tea.

MGP: During a round of golf when do you usually drink Max Golf Protein?

SK: A little at the start and then I just sip it occasionally through the middle part of the round…

MGP: If you could pick any in the world, which tournament would you love to win?

SK: British Open - love that event!!

MGP: Who is the best dancer on tour?

SK: My fiancee Darren!!!

MGP: Tell us something about yourself that we didn’t already know!

SK: That I have 2 left feet, and can't dance!!!

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