Golf Protein

Protein for golfers


Golf is a demanding sport, and after 18 holes your body needs a good dose of protein to help with those sore backs and legs. Max Golf Protein contains 25g of milk protein and is a healthy drink and snack in one to take out in your golf bag.

Am I going to get massive muscles from having a protein shake on the course?

Definitely not! Protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscles, but the only way to actually build muscles is to spend hours lifting weights, so you can rest assured that drinking Max Golf Protein won’t leave you with unexpected bulging biceps!

Why should I have a Max Golf Protein shake instead of my usual chocolate bar and energy drink?

Chocolate bars and energy drinks have a massive amount of sugar in them which will give you a big energy burst that will last for a couple of holes – but what goes up must come down – so when you’ve had this massive boost chances are around 20 minutes afterwards you will crash back down and feel exhausted as well as less able to concentrate.

So why should I choose Max Golf Protein?

Max Golf Protein contains a slow release protein and just the right amount of carbs to keep you going around 18 holes. It keeps you feeling fuller on the course, has a high protein content to help those muscles, and a very low fat content, especially compared to other refreshments available in golf shops. It tastes just as good as (if not better than!) any treat, but has all the health benefits to go with it – we may be biased but it’s a win-win situation.



Rory is looking like he’s on the way to the Crossfit games, and most of the tops guys on tour won’t stop posting snaps of themselves in the gym! So how does being stronger and leaner actually help with golf?

Strength and conditioning, teamed with a high protein diet, helps these players have a massive advantage in their game. It helps them hit the ball further, their balance is better, their swing is more powerful and dynamic, and it’s given them an extra air of confidence. They’re training hard but the results are paying off.

Now you don’t have to be in the gym 5 days a week or show the same dedication as Rory by any means! But with some basic strength and conditioning exercises and the right amount of protein in your diet you could see some real improvements in your own game.

Later on in our blogs we will be interviewing our very own Max Golf Protein strength and conditioning coach, and he will be showing us some brilliant moves to get that extra oomph out of your game. Stay tuned for golf and fitness tips coming soon….