MGP Roller Bottle Box black


The MGP Roller Bottle is both a portable foam roller and a re-usable stainless steel water bottle in one. The clever design means you can use the Roller Bottle before, during and after almost any sport or exercise to both hydrate and massage your muscles.

Foam rolling helps to improve mobility and flexibility, prevent injuries and aid recovery, and the MGP Roller Bottle is great for rolling out your neck, shoulders, back and legs.

The super handy 500ml size fits perfectly into your car cup holder, gym bag, backpack and suitcase, and you can also easily clip it onto your golf bag, bike or hiking gear. It’s designed to be lightweight and portable so you can take it anywhere and rehydrate and roll as required – whether that’s at the gym, on a golf course, on a plane, up a mountain, or even at your office desk!

This revolutionary bottle is eco-friendly and made from food grade stainless steel with non-toxic foam for a completely safe product that is BPA free and eliminates the potential risks from plastic water bottles, as well as reducing plastic waste.

Welcome to the world’s coolest water bottle! Check out the BUY page to get hold of one for yourself.

Rehydrate’n’Roll with The MGP Roller Bottle


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