Our Story

Our Story

We at Max Golf Protein are golf nuts. We’ve tried everything to get our game better, from seeing the best golf coaches, psychologists and short game specialists, to trying all the latest equipment and gadgets. We found the biggest difference in our game came as a result of an improved level of fitness and nutrition. And we’re not the only ones. These days the top guys on tour are incredibly focused on their health and fitness, and that’s now continued through to the every day player. We had a dream to create refreshments to cater to this new breed of golfer. Refreshments that would fit in with a healthy lifestyle; that would have added benefits to improve performance; that would be simple, easy, and portable for the golf course…

We started out with DIY protein shakes – taking protein powder along in our bags and mixing it with different ingredients on the golf course. As you can imagine this was messy, time-consuming, and an overall pain in the *! We then spent the next couple of years of trying different combinations and eventually came up with the perfect ready-to-drink formula. Max Golf Protein Delicious Vanilla Drink launched in May 2015 – the world’s first protein drink made specifically for golfers. The drink has a brilliant balance of protein & carbs for slow release energy, is fat free, gluten free, and has the smoothest vanilla milk texture for a truly delicious tasting drink.

After seeing how popular the drink had become with golfers across Europe, we decided we wanted to branch out and offer golfers something special to eat as well. Our newest edition to the range, the Max Golf Protein Natural Peanut Bar is the perfect partner with the drink. Made up of natural peanuts and organic ingredients, we’ve made a healthy snack that gives you plenty of energy on the course and tastes unbelievable too!

With more products launching in the very near future, we hope you golfers continue to enjoy.

Thank you,

Max & Cat

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Our mission is your passion

We love golf. We know that when you feel good inside, you play great on the course.
We know that in order to feel good you need to put the right things into your body.

We all know that golf can be a physically and mentally challenging sport, and unlike other sports you can reach the top of your game at any age. We want you to be at the top of your game.